About Masjid Al-Ihsan

The Islamic Society of New River Valley is a non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation formed exclusively for religious, educational, and charitable purposes and headquartered in Blacksburg, Virginia. It serves the needs of the Muslim community in the New River Valley area as well as those of the larger community.

The ISNRV owns and operates a mosque, Masjid Al-Ihsan, and a Muslim cemetery. Masjid Al-Ihsan holds daily prayers, Jumu'a prayers, Eid prayers, Taraweeh prayers, and regular religious classes. In addition, it is host to the Sunday Islamic School that provides Quran, Islamic, and Arabic classes for young Muslims ages 6-16. The mosque is considered a community center for all activities that bring together the Muslim community: potluck dinners, weddings ceremonies, social gatherings, Ramadan Iftars, graduation parties, and many more.

The ISNRV is governed by a 7-member democratically elected Shura Council comprising men and women. The day-to-day operation of the Masjid and all its related activities are managed by an Executive Board and several Committee Chairs.

Moreover, the ISNRV collaborates closely with the Muslim Student Association (MSA) at Virginia Tech in organizing events and activities targeted at providing a welcoming and a spiritually-enriching environment for Muslim student community in Blacksburg.

How to Join 

Important Note: Masjid Al-Ihsan is a place of worship and is open to all Muslims and all persons who want to learn about Islam. No membership is needed for the use of the Masjid facilities for these purposes. ISNRV active membership is strictly for organizational purposes to participate in the elections, run for a Trustee or Shura member position, or hold an executive office.

To become an ISNRV member, please download the Membership Form, fill it out completely, and include your dues payment. If you choose to pay using PayPal*, please submit a copy of the receipt with your application. Your application and payment can be dropped in the ISNRV Membership box underneath the donation box in Masjid Al-Ihsan.


Alternatively, you can mail your

application to our address:

Islamic Society of New River Valley

1284 N Main St

Blacksburg, VA 24060

(540) 961-5210

* To pay online, please go to DONATE page and follow the instructions.



The latest ISNRV elections were held on Sunday November 11, 2018.

Trustees: 2018-2023


Dr. Hesham Rakha


Dr. Saher Lahouar


Dr. Slimane Adjerid


Dr. Saad Ragab

Executive Board


Br. Idris Adjerid


Maintenance and Membership Committees Head

Dr. Saher Lahouar

Islamic School Principal & Vice Principal

Sr. Eman Hussein & Br. Can Dogan


Friday Khutba Coordinator

Br. Mohammed Elarnaouti

Vice President

Br. Hesham Elmkharram


Media and Listserv

Br. Abdulrahman Alhaider



Br. Abdalsalam

Outreach and Public Relations Representative

Dr. Hesham Rakha

Funeral Coordinator

Br. Idris Adjerid


Library Assistant

Br. Abdul


Sr. Afek Jaballah

Students Activities Coordinator

Br. Mohamed Yusuf


Arabic Class Coordinator

Sr. Maha Elouni