Ramadan Events 2021 (1442)



We hope everyone is in good health and taking the necessary precautions to stay safe as well as keep others safe. Ramadan will start the evening of Monday and thus the first day of fasting will be Tuesday, April 13th.


Here are the activities for this upcoming Ramadan Insha'allah. May Allah allow us to reach this blessed month. 

Unless otherwise indicated, activities will be held at the following Zoom Link

Taraweeh Prayers

Taraweeh this year will be shortened and 30 minutes including both Isha and four rakahat. In order to reduce the burden on our volunteers and due to covid safety concerns, we have decided to have two groups for taraweeh prayer (Group A and Group B). On some nights, both groups will pray and they will alternate nights for other nights of Ramadan. Scroll down for the full schedule!


Qur’an Competition

For all who would like to participate, we will hold a virtual competition on Zoom. This is a great way to stay connected and challenge yourself to memorize more Qur’an during this month. Last day to register is April 14th (Please signup through this link). 

The competition will be held at 2 p.m. EST online through Zoom links, which will be sent before the competition on the 20th of Ramadan.

Announcements for the winners will be released on the last day of Ramadan after Maghrib. Prizes will be given on Eid. 

The 7 Levels

1. From al-Ikhlas to al-Kawther (kids up to age 5)

2. From al-Nas to al-Qadr (kids and adults)

3. Surah al-Jumu'ah (kids up to age 10)

4. Surah al-Hujurat (kids and adults)

5. Surah al-Sajda (kids and adults)

6. Surah Saba (kids and adults)

7. Surah al-Buruj (non-Arab adults and kids)

8. Surah al-Duha


  • Competitors must have not memorized the surah prior to the competition, except for the first two levels

  • Registrations or modifications after the deadline (April 14, 2021) are not allowed

  • Note: Although we allow and encourage everyone to participate, we are not able to deliver any rewards for participants outside of Montgomery County.


Iftar (Receiving/Cooking for Singles)

If you are single and would like to sign up to receive an iftar, please follow this link. Any questions about logistics for the iftar can be forward to vp@isnrv.org. Families and others who are interested in either cooking for iftar or sponsoring a day (~$400), please sign up at the following link. Any questions about cooking for the singles can be forward to elkordyasmaa@yahoo.com.


Daily Khatera (On Zoom)

This will be a short reminder focused on those who cannot attend taraweeh (families with young children). It will be conducted by community members 15 minutes after Asr Iqama. Those who would like to give a Khatera please email Haniyyah Majeed (hjcmajeed@gmail.com). 


Kids Pre-Ramadan Activity

To prepare and excite our children for Ramadan, there will be an outdoor and socially distanced fun activity for children in the community. This activity will be conducted at the masjid property and will involve various crafts and other Ramadanactivities. All children and parents will need to wear masks and practice social distancing. The activity will run from 5pm - 7pm on Saturday April 10th. For any questions contact, sister Heba (Dentistelsewidy@gmail.com).


Tafsir Class

Sundays after Dhuhr at 2 p.m. EST. Join us for our regular weekly Tafsir class via the regular Zoom. 


Hadith Discussion

Mondays and Thursdays at 12 p.m. EST. Join us for a reading and discussion of a hadith every Monday and Thursdays on the regular Zoom link. 


Da’wah Giveaway for First Responders

We have the opportunity to aid our greater community and show our gratitude to those on the front lines at the greatest risk. If you are interested in contributing in any way, please reach out to president@isnrv.org or vp@isnrv.org.

Taraweeh Sign-Up,

Schedule, and Rules


 Isha and a shortened taraweeh afterward (30 minutes total for isha and taraweeh). We will have two groups for taraweehprayer (Group A and Group B).


Please sign up for a group with this link.


Click here for the detailed Taraweeh schedule


The summary of taraweeh prayers will be as follows:

  • First Night (Monday, April 12): Group A (5 min. after adhan); Group B (1 hour after adhan)

  • 2nd – 20th Night: Isha+Taraweeh (5 min. after adhan), and the groups will alternate attendance 

  • Last Ten Nights: Group A (5 min. after adhan); Group B (1 hour after adhan)

Additional Notes

  • Please only sign up if you are planning to attend taraweeh regularly. Those wishing to attend only a few nights during Ramadan can email a request to vp@isnrv.org or info@isnrv.org 24 hours prior and we will try to accommodate you.

  • Children 8 and above will be allowed and can pray next to their parents. It is the responsibility of the parents for their children to maintain compliance with COVID safety protocols. For the comfort and safety of all community members, parents with children not complying with safety protocols will be asked to discontinue bringing their children.

  • Perform wudu (ablution) at home as bathrooms will remain closed. If you are bringing younger children, plan accordingly.

  • Community members can come and pray Isha any night of Ramadan. However, if you come on a night that you are not scheduled, you may be asked to pray outside (depending on capacity).

Attendance Rules


  • Children under 8 are not permitted during this phase of service resumption.

  • Community members who have not been quarantining or have flu-like symptoms and/or are immunocompromised should not attend.

  • Individuals who are at high risk for other reasons (e.g. pre-existing conditions) are encouraged to not attend congregational prayers at this time.

For the sake of everyone's safety, we will STRICTLY enforce the rules above. Failure to adhere to these rules can result in you being asked to leave the masjid. 

There will be volunteer community members at each masjid door and inside to help keep everyone safe insha'allah. Please follow their instructions closely.