Student Organizations

Association of Muslim Volunteers

We are focused on community service through various activities and involvement in the Blacksburg community. The mission of AMV is to develop our members into leaders who can create everlasting and meaningful change in every community they currently belong to and every community they will belong to in the future

Muslim Student Union

The Muslim Student Union at Virginia Tech is the umbrella organization for all Muslim registered student organizations (RSOs). Additionally, MSU is one of the 17 University-Chartered Student Organizations that advocates and represents the Muslim population on a university administrative level. 

Saudi Student Club at Virginia Tech

With the increasing number of the Saudi students at Virginia Tech, some old students had an idea of establishing a club that meets the social and cultural needs. Also, to enable the Saudis to show the real image of them to the American society, rather than the media’s image. Thus, the Saudi students at the English Language Institute and at Virginia Tech have met and approved to establish the club. Then, the club was registered both in Virginia Tech and The Saudi Culture Mission in Washington, DC, and quickly the club has grown to reach all Saudis locally and internationally.